The People We Serve 

  Six children arrive – aged 4 to 17 – every night when dinner is served. Sisters, brothers, and cousins, they look after each other, are well-behaved, and eat everything on their plates.

  At another dinner program, two children cross a busy highway, at times carrying the baby of the family, from the motel where they’re staying. Their mom works late; their dad recently had surgery. Their plates are clean by the end of the meal, and they never complain about the food.

  A man arrives at the cold night shelter carrying his work shirts. He hangs them carefully over a chair, joins the other guests for dinner, and falls asleep on his mat as soon as the lights are dimmed. He’s underemployed at a temp job but hopeful of getting more hours and being able to rent a small place of his own.

  A homebound, elderly woman on the west side of the county pulls her chair up to the window and waits for the delivery. She’s eligible for the Meals on Wheels program, but there’s not enough money in the local program to include her. She counts on the Soup Train meals to keep hunger at bay.

All too often, we can’t “fix” the complicated situations that people face, especially in these dire economic times, but the Coalition for the Homeless works to help ensure that adults and children in need have food, shelter when weather gets cold, and a place to go where they feel welcomed.




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